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Pinewood Derby, more camping gear and Shakespeare’s sonnets.

April 7, 2008

The Pinewood Derby was a great success – our car placed second among the dens, so Pancho left with a nice little red ribbon and a certificate for “Shiniest Car”. Unfortunately, the ribbon, car and certificate got left behind in a bag. Luckily for us, our packmaster found the bag and is holding onto all of it for us. Afterwards we hit DQ to celebrate, then rounded off the day with some final camping-gear shopping.

The dollar store, incidentally, is God’s gift to the family getting started with gear. We bought all the kitchen untensils we could possibly need, along with things like plastic tubs for dishwashing and clean-up towels for just under $40. I spent the afternoon packing all of the kitchen stuff into a single, large Rubbermaid tub and it fit perfectly. Some time this week – maybe tonight, actually – I need to fire up both the lantern and the stove. I don’t think that sundown at the campsite is the best time to figure these things out. Lastly, I practiced-packed Clifford (The Big Red Van) and it looks like things will fit, but it will be tight. We’ll need to use floor space under the wee ones for clothes and such. I was afraid we were going to need a hitch and platform for extra storage, but I think we’ll be in good shape without it. For now, anyway.

For movies this weekend, it was Oceans 13 (lightweight but fun) and Serenity (dark and exciting). We think we will probably buy the series and movie before too much longer. I’m almost done with Lewis’ book on sixteenth century poetry and prose, having completed the section covering Shakespeare’s sonnets. His plays are evidently covered in a separate volume by somebody else, so Lewis concentrates on the poetry alone: Venus and Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece, and the sonnets of course. I’ve gone back to my Riverside edition and started to re-read them all in sequence, as Lewis says we ought to do occasionally. Who am I to argue?

Foodish things: we found a hole in the wall Japanese/Thai place up the road that makes pretty good yakisoba and katsudon. Huzzah! We used to make yakisoba at home quite a bit before the kids came along, and had considered trying our hand at katsudon. But now it’s right up the road! And cheap!

Lastly, and I scarcely dare write this, for fear of waking up and finding it all a dream: TRADER JOE’S IS COMING TO TOWN. Yup. Saw it in the paper the other day. It’s not exactly close to our house, but it’s a whole lot closer than Atlanta.


Weekend recap.

March 31, 2008

Saturday was gloomy and rainy, so many of us spent the day watching Disney’s The Sword in the Stone, napping or playing around with the BackTrack security/penetration testing livecd. Lots of interesting tools on the livecd, by the way. I’m by no means a security professional, but…I play one at home, and maintain an interest in these sorts of things. It’s good to stay aware and (if I may say so) in practice.

We wrapped up Firefly, and are now waiting for Serenity to show up. Sad. After this, I think, Battlestar Galactica is in queue. We also watched The Burmese Harp, a very quiet film about a Japanese soldier who is transformed by the desolation he sees around him during the final days of WWII. I’m not sure how we picked this one up; E. thinks she saw it referenced on the Mere Comments blog. It seems to have been remade at least once, but we saw the original version, now available as a Criterion release.