Kevin Kelly: Why Technology Can’t Fulfill

June 29, 2009

At the beginning of this summer an Amish guy I met online rode his bicycle out to our home along the foggy Pacifica coast. Online, is of course, the last place you’d ever expect to meet an Amishman. But he contacted me via my blog, and then a few months later he appeared at our door hot, sweaty and out of breath from the long uphill climb to our house under the redwoods. Parked a few feet away was his ingenious Dohan foldup bike, which he rode from the train station. Like most Amish he did not fly, so he had stored his bike on the 3-day cross-country train ride from Pennsylvania. This was not his first trip to this neck of the woods. He had previously ridden his bike along the entire coast of California, and had in fact seen a lot of the world on train and boats.

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2 Responses to “Kevin Kelly: Why Technology Can’t Fulfill”

  1. Joe McBee Says:

    Howdy, it’s me again. I just like to check back periodically to see if you are blogging again. I see that you are not. Think you might start up again?

    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Joe McBee Says:

    Yep, I still check back to see if you are blogging again. have a wonderful New Year.

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