May, we hardly knew you

May 28, 2009

Are we really at the end of the month? It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here. Thus:

We hosted a Memorial Day cookout thing with a five other homeschooling families for a grand total of 27-some-odd kids ranging in age from 16 to 3 months. It didn’t rain too much, everyone filled up and we managed to avoid any injuries. I call that a win. It’s so very much fun to have everyone over – the children clump up into cohorts by age and are generally left to their own devices. The adults talk about adult stuff. Good times were had by all.

Our two missing chicks returned from their cruise and are slowly readjusting to normal life. It will be a difficult road, but we are made of stern stuff around here.

Our school year is still generally winding up, having taken a hit in late winter with the arrival of  S., aka “The Caboose”, aka “We Think Seven Is A Nice Lucky Number”, akaIt Would Be OK With Us If Someone Blew Out The Candle, Really“. In any event, the daily schedule is fairly light and there’s been wide latitude because of family drop-ins and other events. A little bit of kvetching, a little bit of math, lather, rinse, repeat.

Our garden is doing quite well. The container tomatoes are starting to set some blossoms, the zucchini is turning into kudzu and we found a tiny baby pepper. We’ll try to get some pumpkins in the ground here in the next week or two and hopefully harvest them in early autumn.

Last weekend we went to the renaissance festival, and I think we’re good to go for another couple of years before returning. The raptor show is always a good time, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed watching a real joust.  The babies played in the gravel. One craft booth offered the chance to Make Thine Own Candle, with “Monkey Fart” (banana, I presume) on offer in the way of fragrance choices. I ate half a hamburger. Very sixteenth century. I almost asked Queen Elizabeth if there was any news from Walsingham or were there any recent Jesuit intrigues at court, but was afraid I’d get a blank stare in return. Next time!

Speaking of the Renaissance, we started disc 1 of The Tudors and are not so impressed so far. It hasn’t really grabbed us like Rome (yet), but we’re willing to give it a few more episodes. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was an excellent Steerpike and anyone attached to anything related to Gormenghast gets some props from me.

Speaking of books, I’v succumbed to the popular tide of sentiment and am giving David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest a go. I read A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again some time ago and really enjoyed it. It’s an odd book so far (~150 pages in), but I can already see why the fans are legion. Not as difficult as Gravity’s Rainbow, thankfully.

Cycling continues. I skipped the morning ride because a) I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night and b), I may be coming down with E’s cold. This would be a profound bummer, since it seems to be taking her a while to kick it. In lieu of rest and fluids, I’m opting for flat out denial. I’d like to be in good shape to make a 30 mile trip this Saturday. Time will tell; I’ve built some flexibility into the training schedule for just such a contingency.

Lastly, I couldn’t resist linking to this absolutely awesome Spenser database [via].


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