A little more bike nerdiness. Ashrayaparavrtti.

May 21, 2009

Took the bike out for 25 miles this morning. This was formerly my long loop, but in the current training schedule I’ve set for myself, it turns out to be the shortest. I’ve set my sights on a century ride (100 miles) that’s sponsored by the local club in late August, so I have around 12 weeks to get ready for it. Most of the guidelines say that it’s very do-able to train for a century in 8 weeks, so 12 ought to allow for some flexibility. Weather permitting, I’ll be on the road 5 days a week building up base miles plus one ever-lengthening long ride on the weekends. Rest for one day, rinse, repeat. The goal is to be able to comfortably complete 65 about 2 weeks out of the targeted date. So we’re off.

Observations after this morning:

100 pounds of air in the tire is stiff. The frame is stiff. Without shocks, bumps are much bumpier. The new position is going to take some getting used to, but I was pleased to finish up without any numbness anywhere. The brakes are really, really g00d. Riding a lightweight bike is a helluva lot of fun.

Right then. Enough of that. Here’s an interesting word that I came across in the latest issue of First Things: ashrayaparavrtti. It’s Sanskrit, and the sense it conveys is “a sudden moment of life-changing insight” (think Saul on the road to Damascus, or Lewis on the back of the motorcycle). In the context of the article, the author uses the term to describe the moment at which many turn to veganism.

I’ve been turning the word ashrayaparavrtti over and over in my mind since reading it. Have I had any moments like this? I can think of one for certain, and it came very soon before we started attending a church regularly. I’ll have to ponder this one a little longer.

Speaking of cosmic things, I’ll leave you with this.


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