Conjunction junction

May 5, 2009

According to my Old Farmer’s Almanac, Saturn is in conjunction with the moon tonight. That means…well, I don’t quite know what it means. It hardly matters, in any case – the cloud cover here is quite impenetrable. The only conjunction I’ll see tonight is “ain’t”, as in, “we ain’t seen anything.”

We had our last den meeting of the year tonight, and spent a few minutes discussing plans for the coming year. General consensus: more knots, less inside work. As soon as I have a chance, I’ll pick up the book for next year and the other leader and I will start hammering out next year’s schedule.

The rain pretty much put the kibosh on any serious yardwork over the weekend, so I spent much of Sunday making a rain chain, which has now replaced one of the downspouts next to the front porch. Since it rained pretty much all weekend, we had a chance to see how well it worked, guiding the rainwater down the links to the ground below, in a sort of Zen symphony of sight and sound.

The result: not very well.

There was a whole lot of splattering near the top, which I think had something to do with removing the entirety of the downspout and simply hanging it in the vacant hole. I fixed this by reattaching a short piece of downspout to sort of focus the water on the chain, but then, naturally, the rain stopped. It looks a little neater and more finished-off. We’ll just have to see.

Here’s a picture of the final product. Clouds, but no rain.


The grass is getting long enough in which to lose things, so here’s hoping that the rain stays away for one more day so that I can cut it, and heave the trimmings into the compost bin.

Here’s the bin:


Those are pallets, attached together on three sides with baling wire. The front has a couple of hinges and, uh, a rock to hold the thing shut. This was one of E’s requirements – the heap must be contained. I freeformed the compost mound at our last house,  surrounding it only with enough chickenwire to sort of hold it together. But then, it was out of sight. Not so here. The bin also serves to keep the children out of it. Not that any of them would dare to go digging around in search of the gigantic worms. Heavens no.

I’ve been adding mushed up newspapers to make up for my deficit in browns to add to the heap. Even with the mostly-grass-and-greens pile, it’s still plenty warm in there.

Speaking of gardens and whatnot, the state of détente that existed between the local rabbit population is over. Half of the sunflower seedlings are gone and I think they’ve pillaged the eldest daughter’s cantelopes. My exhortations to chase the rabbits out of the yard was met with some resistance. After all, I had only just last week been warning the children to leave the rabbits alone. Also, they look cute hanging around, and here we are, scaring them into running all pell-mell. We’re nothing more than a big group of mean ol’ Mister McGregors!

Too true. I have no plans to trade in their skins for rabbit tabaccy, but neither am I interested in seeing them feast on our plants while there are acres of grass and other assorted weeds free for the taking elsewhere.

Salve, cuniculi.

Reading Moby Dick these days. So far so good. Learning lots about whaling.


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