May 1, 2009

Then came faire May, the fayrest mayd on ground,
Deckt all with dainties of her seasons pryde,
And throwing flowres out of her lap around:
Vpon two brethrens shoulders she did ride,
The twinnes of Leda; which on eyther side
Supported her like to their soueraine Queene.
Lord! how all creatures laught, when her they spide,
And leapt and daunc’t as they had rauisht beene!
And Cupid selfe about her fluttred all in greene.


It has been quite awhile. Rather than attempt to recap the last nearly-a-year, I’m going to borrow a page from the television script writers and just pick up in media res. Delicious hints will be dropped and just when you think all will be resolved, wham, there’s the season cliff-hanger. If we’re living right, we’ll get picked up again for another run. If not, look for the extras in the DVD release.

Actually, that would be a bit unfair, so here’s a recap: we are now nine hobbits, I’m still working in a semi-sales-and-engineering capacity, we’re still in the middle of Tennessee (had I not mentioned that before?), and were close enough to the tornado to see it drop down out of the cloud and start bearing down on our house. It missed us by about a quarter of mile to the north, but our yard was littered with debris from other people’s houses which were not quite as lucky. All told, 800 homes were affected (or destroyed). The loss of life was two – a mother and her infant. I drive by the place where their house used to be just about every day. All this on Good Friday, no less. I had resolved to stay home and work in the yard, doing menial (but meditative) work like weed-pulling.

But here we are. There are tomatoes, squash, peppers, zucchini and herbs in the ground. Off to one side, the sunflowers are starting to come up. If we can keep the rabbits (and they are Legion) away for awhile, we might have some vegetables. If not, we’ll have some rabbit. Still homeschooling, though not without bumps here and there. Still doing stuff with the Scouts. Still keepin’ on. Pulling weeds. Patchin’ drywall. Et cetera.

by stevecadman

by stevecadman

So without further ado, a random thought or two.

I really need to pick up a reference book on Greco-Roman mythology. There are times, when I absolutely need to know the names of the Fates and the computer is just too much of a hassle. Someone will drop a reference in a poem, or I’ll half-remember their names while waking from a dream and it’ll drive me batty for awhile. How nice to be able to haul a book down and look them up. They are, by the way, Clothos, Lachesis and Atropos. One spins the thread of your life, the second measures it, and the third cuts it at your death.  Tidy! They are named in Hesiod’s Theogeny, which is where I had to look them up for the lack of a dictionary. Is it better just to go the sources? Probably. It would be useful to see the Greek myths cross referenced with the Roman versions. Because YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW THESE THINGS SOMETIMES.

In between appointments today, I perused the wikipedia entries on May Day (since it’s tomorrow), which led me to The Green Man, and then to Jack In The Green, which had me thinking about Frazer again, which made me thankful to be Catholic. The drive home was full of green vistas. I picked up some rat food on the way home (we added a pair of pet rats to our tribe last December) and the second part of Pancho’s birthday gift. I hope he doesn’t…well, you know.

Anyway, happy Roodmas.


3 Responses to “May”

  1. PQ Says:

    “May Day?? Well thats the russian new year!!”

  2. PeregrinJoe Says:

    Welcome back. You have been missed. I am looking forward to reading many more posts of your adventures.

    I also wanted to tell you that I am now blogging over at a blog called A Common Place. I hope you will stop by.

    Good to have to back!

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