Day 8

May 12, 2008

Well. One thing I can say is that I’m no longer burdened by long periods of inactivity. I’ve been thrown in whole hog and am only just now coming up for air.

Working from home, pro: No commute. Duh. Except when I have early morning appointments and have to go downtown anyway. Home for lunch. I can do whatever I want in/to my office without getting permission. Well, within reason, anyway. I can start and end the day early, though in practice it ends when it usually did. I can go outside and look at the lawn, which I just did.

Working from home, con: It’s very difficult for me to turn it off when I walk out of the HO and close the door. This last weekend, it took me until around noon on Saturday to finally unwind. This will hopefully get better in time. I miss a little of the face-to-face, but IM has helped out with that.

As you can see, the pros are still winning. I gave up on the “no-shaving” bit, because even on our designated office days, I could still have to hit the road to meet a customer without too much notice. Just easier to knock that out in the morning, and it puts me into a better frame of mind anyway. The stubble feels more weekendish. Speaking of weekendish, here’s the recap:

Saturday we had dual-parties for our oldest son (7) and youngest girl (1). Both sets of grandparents were in town – Pancho and Bluebell stayed with one set on Friday at their hotel, all the better to use the pool. Here is the day in brief: swimming, breakfast at IHOP, home for presents, outside to try tackling the RipStick, go-karts and arcade time at the local Mini-Golf place, dinner at a local spot, home for ice-cream cake, close with a showing of The Incredibles. When we put him to bed, he said he wanted to rewind the day and do it all over again. I should think so. If there’s a better day for a seven year old boy, I don’t know what it is, unless we could have thrown in some fireworks or something.

Buttercup, for her part, went along with everything else. She munched her first cake and then crashed early. It’s tough to be one.

Sunday: Mother’s day for our mothers and Ezmerelda, Pancho went to Toys’R’Us to burn his gift card on Lego sets, lazing around until 4 and then the Life Teen Mass at 5. Home, dinner, bed.

We’re still working our way through the first season of BSG, and enjoying it thoroughly. The Richard Hatch cameo early on was a nice touch. I think we have The Thin Man in there, too. I finished Love’s Labour’s Lost and am well into Act III of A Midsummer-Night’s Dream. I am no Shakespeare scholar, but I’m inclined to agree with the author of the introduction to LLL. It’s really not that great. MS-ND, on the other, gives us jewels like Puck’s response to Oberon:

My fairy lord, this must be done with haste,
For night’s swift dragons cut the clouds full fast,
And yonder shines Aurora’s harbinger;
At whose approach, ghosts, wandering here and there,
Troop home to churchyards: damned spirits all,
That in crossways and floods have burial,
Already to their wormy beds are gone;
For fear lest day should look their shames upon,
They willfully themselves exile from light
And must for aye consort with black-brow’d night.


The wave of periodicals also landed. I seem to have missed an issue of The Atlantic during some renewal confusion. Got the latest. What a great magazine. One of the few that takes me more than a single session to get through.


3 Responses to “Day 8”

  1. PeregrinJoe Says:

    Quick question: Are you indefinitely suspending your blogging activities or will you be starting again soon? Thanks! I hope all is well with you and the family.

  2. fosco Says:

    Thanks. Still here, just really strapped for time. Might try to post something this weekend.

  3. PeregrinJoe Says:

    Cool. Glad you are still around!

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