Furniture, gymnastics and Battlestar Galactica

April 29, 2008

Spent the evening assembling office furniture. Most of it is done, but one of the pieces was busted in the box, so we set that whole unit aside while we wait for a replacement part. In the meanwhile, I’ve cleaned out my desk at work and have all of my books and whatnot sitting in the trunk of the car. Soon, but not soon enough, the chaos will be done and we can get back into a routine of sorts.

This past weekend had us at an invitational gymnastics meet for our oldest. She had a lot of fun and is looking forward to the next one, which will be some time in June. 

As for the rest of the brood, I’m happy to report 0 sick days and 0 injuries. I’m going to hang one of these in the family room, I think. I keep threatening to do so. 

Safety "Accident Free" Signs

Movies: Pan’s Labyrinth, which was…interesting, though a little depressing. Parts are very difficult to watch, this is definitely an adults-only fairy tale. Also, the Battlestar Galactica miniseries, which we watched over the course of 2 evenings. We enjoyed it and had some fun trying to pick out references to the original series, which we both watched as kids. I paused during one of the museum scenes to point out which toys I’d had. She remember quite a few of the characters I’d forgotten.

Bit of trivia from the IMDB: when the doctor is delivering the bad news, there are ships flying around outside the window. At the very end of the scene, Serenity can be seen landing on a nearby roof. Sure ’nuff, there it was! What a hoot. I think I made two Firefly comments during the rest of the series. Something along the lines of “this needs more Jayne” and “Mal just would have killed that guy and been done with it.” Dorkalicious!


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