House stuff

April 15, 2008

A couple of months back, we bought a new dishwasher to replace the one that came with the house. The old one just sort of stopped working one day, so we took that as a sign that, you know, it needed replacing. As it happens, I’d replaced a dishwasher once at our old house. There’s really not that much to it, since you’re only connecting three things: power, water supply and waste. Simple. I could have done easily done it.

But no.

Instead, I let the place we bought it from install it. I paid for this privilege. You know what happened next? It leaked. In fact, it leaked for a week. We didn’t know it was leaking because the hardwood floors in the kitchen did not extend all the way under the dishwasher. The water pooled there, then seeped under the planks and spread into a large, Africa-shaped stain that only became visible after a week. We called the installer, who declared that a “faulty part” was to blame, and this so that he could file an insurance claim for the repair of the floor.

That’ll teach me.

As it turns out, the floor couldn’t be fixed. It had to be replaced, in toto. This was fine by us for two reasons. First, we weren’t going to be paying for it. Second, the floor was dinged hard in a few places anyway. Sorting out the claim, estimates and ordering of the new floor stuff took many weeks, but the Flooring Guy showed up yesterday and will probably wrap up today. At least, we hope he’ll wrap up today so we can get our kitchen and dining area back.

While the Flooring Guy is working downstairs, the Painter is working upstairs and downstairs. The previous owners of our house had…attempted to paint. By “attempted”, I mean that drunken orangutans painted the walls. There were smears all over the trim, the ceiling and baseboards. Big ones, too. After we moved in, E. and I tackled the MBR and then I swore I’d never paint another room again. I lack the patience and, frankly, the attention span to do it right, so it takes us forever. You pay someone to come in, and he knocks out an entire room in a day – with razor-sharp trim and not a single spot on the floor anywhere.

The bummer is that I have to drain and move the aquarium so that he can get to the wall behind it. Ugh. Not looking forward to that. We’ll probably just house everyone temporarily in big rubbermaid tub for the day, then transfer them all back to the tank in the evening. Fingers are crossed that we don’t have any casualties in the process.


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