Weekend recap.

March 31, 2008

Saturday was gloomy and rainy, so many of us spent the day watching Disney’s The Sword in the Stone, napping or playing around with the BackTrack security/penetration testing livecd. Lots of interesting tools on the livecd, by the way. I’m by no means a security professional, but…I play one at home, and maintain an interest in these sorts of things. It’s good to stay aware and (if I may say so) in practice.

We wrapped up Firefly, and are now waiting for Serenity to show up. Sad. After this, I think, Battlestar Galactica is in queue. We also watched The Burmese Harp, a very quiet film about a Japanese soldier who is transformed by the desolation he sees around him during the final days of WWII. I’m not sure how we picked this one up; E. thinks she saw it referenced on the Mere Comments blog. It seems to have been remade at least once, but we saw the original version, now available as a Criterion release.


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