Homebrewing update

February 27, 2008

I racked the mead last night, which is homebrewing parlance for “moved the stuff from one container to another”. I disinfected the glass carboy with some bleach and water, rinsed it well and siphoned the mead from the primary bucket, being careful to avoid stirring up the lees – the yeasty-sludge at the bottom. Now we can at least see it while it’s aging for awhile. It looks like a giant glass jug of cloudy apple cider. Fermentation is pretty much over – the airlock was going about once every sixty seconds, so now we’re just letting it settle and age. With any luck, it’ll start to clear up on its own and I can plan for bottling in a month or so. There’s stuff you can mix in to clarify it as well – I may try some of that too. I couldn’t resist tasting it. It definitely tasted like mead, and I’m looking forward to letting it mellow a little bit.

Anyway, some progress. As soon as the carboy is freed up, I’ll start looking at beer recipes. Or maybe I should just buy another carboy. And start now. We’ll see.


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