Meter and whatnot

February 15, 2008
I’m on the last chapter of Poetry and Prose in the Sixteenth Century, and will probably revisit The Faerie Queene for yet another attempt. I’ve never made it more than partway through, but really want to try and finish it now that I have some historical and literary context. One of the things I’ve discovered in reading this is a considerable lack of understanding about the various metrical forms and why they matter.  I had to run for a literary dictionary (one of the few books I kept from college) to find definitions for alexandrines, poulters measure and fourteeners, and rhyme royal. Euphuism had me running for the dictionary as well. This cheat sheet looked useful enough to tag; if I have some time I may dust off some of the Norton anthologies and try my hand at some scansion exercises.

Movies for this weekend: HP1, for those older children who have finished the book. The Bourne Ultimatum for the adults. No other plans on the table yet, though, as always, there are piddling little odds and ends around the house that demand attention.


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