Hot water, St. Valentine.

February 13, 2008

Welp, the water heater is fixed. Which is to say that it’s been replaced. My plans for an 80 gallon monster (The “Old Faithful 9000”) were foiled by our gas lines, venting, indeed, our entire garage being too small to accommodate it. The plumbers – a local shop that’s done work for us in the past – installed it with a minimum of drama, and what’s more, they hauled away the old one to wherever it is that dead water heaters go. If anyone is interested in starting a dead pool on our major household systems, I’ll point out now that the HVAC system is original, but we’re pretty sure that the fridge is relatively new. Anyone betting on the roof should reconsider – we’ve no trees close enough to damage it should they fall.

But enough about that. Let’s move on to something more pleasant.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It’s Valentine’s Day because, once upon a time, the Church celebrated the feast of St. Valentine on the 14th of February. I say ‘once upon a time,’ because according to my handy little parish calendar, I note that tomorrow is the feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Now it’s true that “Be My Cyril” or “To my beloved Methodius” lacks a bit of the panache of “I (heart) my Valentine”, but we have to be sensible, and the Church didn’t consider it sensible to continue honoring someone about whom we know so very little.

So he stays on the Big List O’ Saints, but was removed from the calendar in 1969. The same thing happened to poor St. Christopher.

So, who, exactly were Saints Cyril and Methodius? As it happens, they were brothers who took the faith to the Slavs. Among other things, Cyril developed a written alphabet which developed into today’s cyrillic.The are called “Apostles to the Slavs” and are the patrons of Europe. In their honor, here’s a nice page of Slavonic chant from the Eastern liturgies. If you don’t understand the languages used, it doesn’t much matter. Just know that it’s for the greater glory of God.

Image by kiki the cat.


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