And then there was one.

February 11, 2008


The water heater started leaking over the weekend. Thankfully, it’s in the garage so all we’ve got is a trickling little stream that leads to the outside. I’d been eyeballing it for some time as the next likely failure, so at least I have the satisfaction of having been correct. Huzzah for me. It hasn’t bottomed out or anything (yet), so we still have hot water. The plumber will be out tomorrow with a replacement.

We seem to be in an interesting statistical cluster of failures. Two weeks ago, the dishwasher croaked. That particular repair ended up ruining a large section of the kitchen floor, thanks to a leak that went undetected for several days. The installer will be taking care of that, though.

All eyes are on the furnace/AC unit now. Unlike our last house, the HVAC units are combined into one giant moose of a machine that sits outside the house…brooding, and biding its time. We had a scare last summer when the AC crapped out. It was easily repaired, but I had them quote a replacement system, which they were all too happy to do. Yikes. We’ll should probably go ahead and start saving for it now.

On the lighter side, our flu victims seem to be coming out of the worst of it. I’m back to 100%; E and most of the kids seem to be doing better. Finished up Pillars of the Earth, and loved it. My father is working through the sequel, and I imagine I’ll be able to snake it away from him once he’s finished. As for our movies: The Simpsons got a resounding “meh” from the both of us. We’re also in agreement that Order of the Phoenix was pretty well done, but probably confusing if you hadn’t read the book(s).

Lastly, our tank has grown by a pair of Otocinclus cats, who I hope will make short work of our algae. They’re curious little guys, and spend most of their time stuck to something. Then they wake up and spaz out on whatever is nearby. Then, catatonic again. Such is life.


2 Responses to “And then there was one.”

  1. PeregrinJoe Says:

    “an interesting statistical cluster of failures.”

    Now that’s just fun to say.

  2. Vicki Says:

    I read Pillars of the Earth years ago and loved it as well! I can’t wait to hear a report on the sequel.

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