February 8, 2008

We I just realized the other night that things are getting pretty medieval around here. The kids are studying the medieval period for history.  E. has started the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy, and I’m about halfway through Pillars of the Earth. There’s mead brewing in the closet, and we’re counting the days until we can get the herb garden re-planted. We can probably do without the rest.

Oh, and we’ve recently discovered the game of Carcassonne. Highly recommended – it took us a little while to get into the swing of it, but the gameplay goes quickly and scoring is pretty quick. Basic premise: lay down tiles that gradually build up a countryside of roads, farms, cities and cloisters. Claim various parts throughout the game. When the last tile is laid, scores are determined. It plays well with two players – better than Settlers of Catan, which we also have but have not played lately.

Tonight’s dinner will be soup (homemade) and bread (also homemade). We keep our Fridays meatless as a matter of course, but we try to pay particular attention to them during Lent. Assuming that folks ae feeling up to it tomorrow, I’m going to try to head back to the local fish store for some replacement plants (the cabomba looks nice, but was shedding fine bits of itself all over everything and clogging the filter intake) and a pair of Oto cats.

As of Monday, the mead will have been fermenting for three weeks. I think it’s starting to slow down a little, so it may be ready to move to the secondary vessel before a whole lot longer. The second stage is mostly for clearing and settling, and will last until it’s as clear as we want it, at which time it will be bottled to age for the rest of the year. Once the vessels are free and clear, I will probably try a beer recipe. Something lightly-hopped and generally moron-proof, or at least that’s the plan. Various among us are still battling the sniffles, and in fact I’m working from home today so I can run interference with The Brood while E. rests.

For movie night, we’re going lowbrow: The Simpsons and the latest Harry Potter.


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