In sickness

January 31, 2008

There is some sort of crazy not-quite-a-flu thing that’s been spreading its nasty pixie dust everywhere and, of course, we got visited. Luckily, only the Hobnottle adults seem to be battling it and me worse than her. The kids are unaffected, and huzzah for that. The only thing on my agenda is a teleconference with some customers later. Hopefully I’ll have regained some of my voice by then.

In my torpor, I nevertheless knocked out 2 more Precious Ramotswe books yesterday and occasionally glanced at e-mail. If I can get through today, I should be in good shape for my fabulous trip to Milwaukee next week. Milwaukee…in February. Friends, it just doesn’t get much better than that. My father, who still reads the Chicago papers online, keeps sending me articles from the Sun-Times about the fiendish weather they’ve been having up there. Wind chills of 30 below, and suchlike. He thinks he’s being helpful.


One Response to “In sickness”

  1. PeregrinJoe Says:

    It’s great that even when you are under the weather (pun intended), you still retain your sense of humor. Hope you feel better soon.

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