Many have entered The Tank…

January 15, 2008

…and most have lived.

We lost one neon (within hours of introduction) and flushed a danio last night. Everyone else looks hale and colorful. Neons are wee, highly-strung little fish so I wasn’t too surprised to see one go fins-up. The danio had been a bit of an outcast for awhile. Anyway, enough about that. Our pH, nitrite and ammonia levels are still well below nasty. A few dwarf corys and we’ll be done with the fish population. We added a pair of dwarf flame gouramis who spend most of their time hanging around, trying to decided who is The Big Fish.

We’ve got our eyes on some ghost shrimp, and one local store has a bamboo shrimp that I just think is as cool as can be. Even though they don’t add much to the bioload, I want the tank to mature a bit longer before we add them. The ghosties need some detritus in the gravel to eat, and the bamboo shrimp will be filtering tasty treats directly from the water via some nifty fans on its front legs. The plants are all looking pretty good, too – new growth on the ludwigia and anubia, so the light levels are probably just right.

This past weekend, I also paid a visit to the local homebrew shop and came away with a basic kit for wine: two fermentation vessels (one of which is a glass carboy), some scrubbing brushes, racking cane, air lock, tubing and a hygrometer hydrometer. If I add a second carboy, I could make beer, but all in good time. All I need for mead is water, honey and time.


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