On Writing

January 4, 2008

No, not the craft. The mechanical act of writing, as with a pen. One of my birthday gifts was a beautiful fountain pen, which came complete with a little jar of ink, some cartridges, blotting paper and a helpful little pamphlet entitled “How to Write with a Fountain Pen”. Twenty-odd years of pounding away at computers has done very little for my penmanship, which had become the stuff of legend in its illegibility. Once the children began to learn to read and write, I resolved anew to improve my own cursive, which had lain largely dormant since college, and even then it was confined to hastily scribbled notes and such. In fact, my cursive had devolved into a sort of pastiche of ligatures and block letters. Well, no more.

I started keeping a commonplace book that was supposed to accompany me throughout my reading projects, but the book itself has been given over to workplace note-taking, the odd mind-map and sporadic diary entries which are really more like rants, since I only seem to be moved to write when I’m upset about something (this blog excluded, of course).

I try to write something down daily, even it means just making up something up and then tossing away the page when I’m done. For pens, I’ve come to favor the Pilot G2 (in blue, if you please). It writes smoothly and, more importantly, has a clicky-top. Unfortunately, my current business unit does not order them regularly, so I’ve taken to hoarding a few whenever they do happen to show up.

Ah, but now….now I have this finely balanced pen with a pointy end and heavy cap. It’s full of black ink, and feels ever so nice in my hand, poised above the page…ready to write…something. And whatever it is will be important. Magna Carta important. You just never know.

Anyway, my diary-keeping bug has been renewed, and I’m going to try to find a smallish notebook to hold those most private thoughts that don’t belong on a blog. Things such as Today – cold. Ate oatmeal for breakfast. Odd pain in the left foot. Gout?

Look upon my words, ye mighty, and despair.


5 Responses to “On Writing”

  1. PeregrinJoe Says:

    I tremble at the power of your words O Great and Worthy Scribe.

    Might I recommend, for your journaling pleasure, a Moleskine Notebook which can be found here:


    I use the pocket size notebook for thoughts, lists, ideas, etc. and a larger size for my official “journal.” I also use their cashiers books for personal learning projects. I love every one of the products of theirs I have used.

    I also received a sharp pen for Christmas, an Omni Ballpoint that is black and gold. A simple twist and the point is revealed, a twist back and it is hidden once again. It is delightful, and I love the way it writes.

  2. fosco Says:

    I know about moleskines, but their cost gives me pause. But perhaps for not much longer…

  3. PeregrinJoe Says:

    I too don’t like the cost. However once you use them, you are hooked and you become more willing to pay. I suppose that makes me a Moleskine junkie and pusher now huh?

  4. notinparis Says:

    Must agree how wonderful fountain pens are. Unfortunately, I fell in love with a cheap plastic one that is falling to pieces and can’t be replaced.

  5. fosco Says:

    That is unfortunate, but this sounds like the perfect opportunity for a new one. 🙂

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