Dumela, Mma.

January 3, 2008

Well, here we are, slowly getting back into a routine of sorts. School has resumed are our little lyceum, and I’ve come back to work for the remaining half of this week. If you’re going to leave off on a vacation, you might was well do it on a Wednesday.

So, then: a roundup of holiday reading. We’re still on our Alexander McCall Smith binge, knocking back three more of the Precious Ramotswe novels and learning, just a few days ago, that a movie adaptation of the first book is in the can and due to be released some time later this year. For Christmas, I received the admirably titled Oxford History of English Literature: Poetry and Prose in the Sixteenth Century. Don’t get all nuts on me – it was written by C.S. Lewis and is probably as close as any of us will get to sitting in one of his lectures (for more reflections on Lewis the academic, check out this essay by Alastair Fowler). For the record, the book is slow going, and rightfully so. The children received from us a copy of The Annotated Alice, a definitive edition of the Carroll’s Alice stories complete with illustrations and copious (and I mean copious) marginal notes by Martin Gardner. We’ve only read a couple of chapters, and have set it aside until we finish Tom Sawyer. Tom and Becky seem to be missing, so we’re closing in on the end. As for E., she’s started the Kristin Lavransdatter cycle of novels, though I don’t know how much progress she’s made as many of the children (ok, all of the children) have been ill at one moment or another for the past 2 weeks.

We’ve had fever, spewing, headaches, coughs, sneezes and a three-day run with pinkeye. Bleah. As an added bonus, we bridged the new year with these maladies and so had to start work on meeting another family deductible. Probably best to get it knocked out as quickly as possible in any case.

New Year’s Eve was movie night at our place: The Music Man for the kids and The Queen for us. A good time was had by all, illness notwithstanding. Everyone seems to be on the mend, and we’re grateful for that.

Last bit: inspired by the comments on this thread at AskMetafilter, we hunted up this recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate. It was transcendent. Do give it a try, but pay particular heed to the instructions regarding the eggs. Other recipes we saw added a small dash of chili powder, which we might try next time.

I hate to say it, but it’s too good to share with the little savages. Let them have their Ovaltine. The thickness of the final product would have grossed them out completely anyway.


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