The Littlest Angel: Narration by Bluebell

December 6, 2007

This story was about a little angel who is exactly four years, six months, five days, seven hours, and forty-two minutes.  He was always doing something that he wasn’t supposed to do.  And all he wanted was one thing, the box under his bed on Earth.  One day, there was news that the Savior was going to be born.  The little angel did not know what to give Him, so he decided to give Him the box.  (An angel gave the little angel the box.)

But when he saw all the other angels’ nice gifts he thought that his scraggly box was not good enough.  But even though it was scraggly, when God’s hand went over the gifts to pick the one he liked, He picked the little angel’s and put it up as the Shining Star of Bethlehem.  The End


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