Advent to Epiphany Unit

December 5, 2007

I was inspired by my friend Leslie and Elizabeth Foss to drop our everyday “school” and focus on the Advent season for the next 5 weeks.  Her unit pulls almost exclusively from Tomie dePaola, who is a favorite of ours, and is chock full of fun stuff to do and great books to read.  So, in my neverending need for organization, I put her ideas (only the first week at this point) together into some plans that are easy to follow, not only by me, but by the kids as well.  There’s such a relief in being able to say “go see what you need to be doing right now.”  I may have completely ruined the free-spiritedness of the original idea, but I can’t function well without some semblance of routine, so I made it work for me.  Here are my plans for the week.  I’ll post each week’s plans.  Although they may be a little late for you to follow this year, hang onto them for next year.  I’ll also post Bluebell’s and Pancho’s weekly narrations. 



One Response to “Advent to Epiphany Unit”

  1. vicki Says:

    Thanks for the great St. Nicholas link. I’m going to use it tomorrow for fun!

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