Ex post facto

October 22, 2007

That guy looks pretty busy, doesn’t he?

Good heavens, I need to get back on the ball with this blogging thing.

Full weekend: we had visiting grandparents, piano recitals for two (2), Scout day at the local college football game and several failed attempts to get kites aloft. The weather was fine, and now it’s raining, which is A Good Thing. Ez finished up Children of Men (the book) and declared that it was, in fact, different than the movie. It’s on my nightstand now, so I’ll probably leave Mansfield Park for a bit. We had The Last King of Scotland and Apocalypto  to watch over the weekend, but didn’t get around to either of them because we had company.

No major food events, except for Friday’s Provençale-style Chickpea and Spinach Soup, courtesy of Twelve Months of Monastery Soups. Oh, and some homemade blueberry muffins on Saturday via the King Arthur Baking Book. Then there was this, which was really quite good. I’m not a huge microbrew fan – some of it just tastes too bitter for me, and nearly all of them give me headaches soon after. Not so with Moe’s Backroom Lager. It’s the headache bit that’s kept me from seriously pursuing homebrewing. Not sure what I’d do with 5 gallons of beer that I’m not willing to drink. Give it away, I imagine. So I retract: a decent foodish weekend.

And lastly, everyone in the house has gotten over the colds that they were fighting last week by giving them all to me. Huzzah.


3 Responses to “Ex post facto”

  1. josephmcbee Says:

    A question for you: What does “Huzzah” mean?


  2. fosco Says:

    I use it a drop-in replacement for hooray and the like.


  3. josephmcbee Says:

    Thank you. I shall begin to work it into my vocabulary. I like it.

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