October 12, 2007

Yesterday, a friend of mine IM’ed me a link to a wonderful blog post on the subject of clafouti. Unfortunately, the post did not include a recipe, which was irksome to me. By day’s end, the seething drove me to one of our cookbooks, where I found a recipe and discovered that a clafouti is very similar to a rising-crust cobbler, except that the batter is more eggy which results in a much more custard-like consistency.

So: a quick side-trip the store for some frozen cherries, and 45 minutes later I was serving clafouti for two. The children, alas, were already abed. Poor dears. We saved them some.

I was a little worried that I’d messed it up, but after consulting some other books, realized that it had turned out just fine. It tasted just fine, in any event. When I get home, I’ll post both recipes. The cobbler is about one of the most delicious things we make, and as easy as recipes get.

Yes, I took a picture of the clafouti. It’s still on the camera, along with all the ones I took at the botanical garden last weekend. I’ll upload them soon. Promise.

In the meanwhile, take a look at the Reference Shelf, a new page I started to keep track of our field guides and whatnot.


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