Books and Bikes

October 10, 2007

So we finished Journey to the Center of the Earth last night with a final two-chapter push. We will probably start Tom Sawyer next, with Howard Pyle’s The Story of the Champions of the Round Table on deck. The latest issue of First Things showed up, so Jane will have to wait for a few days.

I’ve been doing a bit of reading on radonneuring, which is a sort of non-competitive long-distance cycling race, done in road-rally style. Riders are issued cards and expected to check in at various points along the way, the goal being to finish the race before the allotted time has passed. You essentially compete against yourself and your last best time.

Some of these races are real long – up to 600K. I think that with another year of training, I could probably do a 100K race, and maybe even 200K. We’ll have to see. I’m not sure if my current ride is best suited to this sort of thing, so I’m already daydreaming ahead to my next bike, which will most certainly have to be more of a road-style than the hybrid I’m riding now. Naturally, I fully intend to keep the hybrid, since it’s very well suited for tooling around town, assuming one learns to avoid the small curbs and suchlike.


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