The heart of Autumn

October 8, 2007

As dyed in blood the streaming vines appear,
While long and low the wind about them grieves:
The heart of Autumn must have broken here,
And poured its treasure out upon the leaves.

“Woodbines in October,” by Charlotte Fiske Bates (via Bartleby)

Busy weekend.

Friday night: vegetarian pizzas with homemade dough. Good stuff. Followed it up with The Protector, which was OK but not great. Nice pacing and some nifty stunt work, though.

I put in 25 miles on Saturday morning, then came back to find a tray of hot sticky buns cooling in the kitchen. Oh well. They were delicious with coffee. Afterwards we drove out to a local festival dedicated to….country ham. It was interesting, and we bought some skin-on country bacon while listening to a yodeler yodel. The sun came out and it started to warm up, so we headed home and lounged around while waiting for dinner to finish. Dinner: Crock-pot ham with a Coke glaze, homemade anadama bread, mashed potatoes, and cucumber salad. The bread recipe came with our machine and included oats in addition to the cornmeal. It was delicious. Followed it with Emma, which wasn’t bad at all.

Sunday Mass was followed by a trek out to the local botanical gardens. Even late in the summer, they were glorious and I hope to have some pictures posted shortly. We came away with a list of items we’d like to see planted in our yard, though we’ll probably have to do without the statuary and reflecting pools. Pity.


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