Victuals and drink

October 3, 2007

Yesterday was Ezmerelda’s birthday, so we feted our favorite mommy with gifts, food, homemade cards and a general sense of gaiety. She received a copy of The King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion, a magnum opus dedicated to those things which make life generally worth living, viz, cookies, sticky buns, breads, muffins and the like. This was accompanied by a copy of Reba’s latest CD and a delicious take-out dinner from the local Thai place. The meal was capped off by a carrot cake from a bakery near my office. It, too, was delicious but I seriously overestimated our combined appetites. It weighed a ton. We dug in but still ended up freezing half of it.

We were pleased to see  that our new town had not one, but two Thai places, so I arbitrarily chose one and picked up two orders of masaman curry (1 beef, 1 pork). It was delicious, and not all that spicy so I know how to order it next time. The spring rolls were labeled “Vietnamese style” – they were big, cold, and packed full of vegetables. The kids ate (more or less) lo mein and we all shared the chicken satay. Sometimes we joke about going to Thailand just so we can go around eating everything in sight.

The other Thai place is a combination Thai/Japanese place, and we’ll check it out sooner or later. For now, we have a new favorite spot.

Then there’s that Indian place down the road…

We acquired an Aeropress yesterday, and I ended up bringing it to the office so that I can take the good Bodum back home for E’s daily use. It doesn’t make a bad cup of coffee at all. It’s head and shoulders above the brewed stuff at work, but it lacks the mouthfeel of the French press. Fewer particulates in the brew, I suspect. In any case, it’s also a cinch to clean which is a serious bonus for at-work use. So free yourself from the break-room rotgut. Get some decent coffee and a press, you maverick. Your caffeine jones will thank you, and so will I.


4 Responses to “Victuals and drink”

  1. josephmcbee Says:

    I only drink espresso after Italian food, and grande sugar-free mocas from my favorite barista. I am however a habitual tea drinker. Earl Grey is my favorite, but I also enjoy English Breakfast and a strong cup of Prince of Wales. Can the press be used for tea as well or do you reccommend another brand for that?

  2. josephmcbee Says:

    I just realized I could go to website and check for myself to see if it can do tea. Please pardon my dimness.

  3. josephmcbee Says:

    Excellent! Thanks. I didn’t even think to look there.

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