Here and there. Strange.

August 29, 2007

Traveling this week. Two days worth of meetings in Atlanta, and I’ll be holed up at HQ for the remainder of the week. Got a couple of good pictures the other day of a garden spider, so I’ll try to get those uploaded at some point. The bug-averse may wish to skip that post. Hotlanta has been pleasantly un-hot as compared to home and it’s been a welcome relief. Becoming reacquainted with the mosquitoes? Not so much.

Started Jonathan Strange the other night. So far it’s pretty good. The period-style prose gets a little twee at times, but the characters are interesting and it’s an extraordinary first novel. Yes, I realize the book came out a while back and has been thoroughly reviewed by others. But in case you haven’t heard of it prior to now, consider a meeting between something approaching Austen and the fun of Rowling.


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