The Office. Hobbit news. Books. Fungi, and the paucity of same.

August 21, 2007

Our last Netflix shipment included Season 1 of The Office, which we’re finally getting around to watching. Since we’re weird that way, we ordered the original BBC series. Part of this is because we think that Ricky Gervais is hilarious, having seen some of his clips on youtube.

Such is the verisimilitude of this show: Ezmerelda said it made her uncomfortable to watch. I thought it was simultaneously horrifying and riotously funny. Much like Dilbert, actually. It’s so dead-on that I spent part of the time matching up real-world analogues to the fictional characters, but gave up because of the relative ease. In any case, we’ll finish it up some time this week. I don’t think I’m keen on watching the US version now, only because I can’t imagine it goes as far with the potty humor and, sadly, that’s part of the attraction for me.

One of the little hobbits turns five today, so there will be cake and such tonight. Frankly, we never thought she’d make it. Happy Birthday, Daisy. Bluebell, the oldest of the half-dozen, just lopped off her hair and donated it to Locks of Love. It took her almost 2 years to grow out the required 10″ ponytail, but she made it and off it goes to be made into a hairpiece. Pancho is looking ahead to Cub Scouts in the fall. The others are healthy and well, praise God.

I’ve just about wrapped up the Lovecraft anthology , and just in time – we’ll be doing a bit of business/pleasure traveling next week and I want to take Jonathan Strange with me. The older two are still working on Harry Potter. Ez is reading The Keeper of the Bees.

Otherwise…that’s about it, except that I’m possessed now with the urge to photograph mushrooms, only there aren’t any about.



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