Insect Safari!

August 18, 2007

I have a minor predilection for photographing insects – they are often convenient targets of opportunity and most of them do not seriously creep me out. I was walking past our little herb patch and noticed that the enormous basil plant was teeming with flying insects. I counted no less than a dozen different species, and there were probably more.

Getting pictures of them, however, was a different matter. They’re small, they move fast and I’m out of practice. It should go without saying that it was also hot out there. When it cools off, I’ll rig up another macro lens and see what I can shake from the bushes.

In any case, here are the three best shots, cropped somewhat.

Cabbage White Butterfly

I think this is a Skipper, possibly a Tawny Edged Skipper. If anyone has a positive identification, I’m all ears.

Honeybee. Lots of these around. I think I’ve seen some hives along my cycling route. We never had that many honeybees around the yard in Atlanta, and seeing them around bodes well for next spring’s vegetable gardening. Here’s hoping these little guys avoid whatever is causing bees to disappear.

I also think I saw at least one Banded Hairstreak, but I couldn’t get close enough.


3 Responses to “Insect Safari!”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    Oh! We love insects at le moulin and my kodak easyshare has filled our hard drive with their portraits. Caddie is our expert, I just take the pictures. If you like great insect photos, check out Burning Silo at . Don’t forget to read the story behind the blog name – hilarious. She is a fabulous writer and nature photographer. Closer to home, Niches at is written by a UGA biologist. He has wonderful wildlife. Happy hunting!

    PS – Have you tried fungi photography? Mushrooms are ubiquitous (given rain), often colorful and strangely shaped, and best of all, they don’t move, bite, or sting.

  2. fosco Says:

    Assuming we get some rain in the fall, I believe I’ll give fungi a try. They’re sort of a blind spot for me as far as local flora and fauna go, so I’ll have an excuse to obtain Yet Another Field Guide. Thanks!

  3. […] about it, except that I’m possessed now with the urge to photograph mushrooms, only there aren’t any […]

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