Our weekend: meteors, magazines, poetry and soup.

August 13, 2007

The meteor shower turned out to be sort of a bust for us – we only saw 1 or 2 before calling it a night and hauling the kids (some of them asleep) off the deck and into their beds. The rest of the weekend had us pretty much holed up and avoiding the heat. We’ve both noticed a slight – very slight – chill in the morning air. This is small comfort at 2PM, when the temperature is into the triple digits, but it’s a nice little reminder that this, too, shall pass.

Random book note: I was perusing my book on weeds and ran across a quote that turned out to be the opening lines of William Cullen Bryant’s “Thanatopsis“:

To him who in the love of Nature holds
Communion with her visible forms, she speaks
a various language.

Quite an appropriate sentiment, I think, for those of us who’d rather spend their days nosing around ponds, meadows and road-cuts studying the weeds, bugs, birds, frogs, trees and sky. I’ve begun drawing mental lines around parts of the back yard – one area for butterfly attraction/hosting and another for my ongoing agrarian experiments with beans and sunflowers. I have a strong urge to create another above-ground container pond, but will likely wait until next spring.

As for the rest of our academy, the year’s supplies have been ordered and received. We’ve made a trip to Kinko’s to get copies created. All is in quiet readiness. There’ll be one more trip back to Atlanta in a few weeks, and we’ll begin in earnest after Labor Day.

Movies: Dial M For Murder and Once Upon A Time in China. Hitchcock is always a strong call, and the Once Upon A Time rounds out my kung fu binge with some early Jet Li. I think I’ve got one more Tony Jaa movie coming, but that’ll pretty much do it for the genre as far as I’m concerned. What other downtime I had went towards getting through the latest round of periodicals.

Food: Ezmerelda made a wonderful potato/leek/sour cream/yogurt soup on Friday. We ate it (as is becoming customary) with homemade bread. We’ve done this recipe before, and for the rest of our Romish brethren who also keep a meatless Friday, we can’t recommend Twelve Months of Monastery Soups highly enough. The recipes are arranged by months, so that the main ingredients are what’s generally in season. We are very soon going to write a letter to Brother Victor to tell him how much we love his recipes. Soup has become a Friday tradition at our house, and most of his recipes are meatless, which is quite handy. All of them have been delicious – the short lists of ingredients and relatively simple instructions are deceptive. Here is good food, worthy of a community of Trappists or a big long table surrounded by kids.


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