Forecast: hot, and clear with a chance of eldritch.

August 9, 2007

Got back yesterday afternoon from one of those 24-hour business trips. You know: zoom into town, dinner, meetings the following morning and jet back before rush hour at home. I expect there’ll be more of these in my future, but that’s fine. Twenty-four hours is just enough. Long enough to be productive, not so long that there was any significant down-time. Wednesday would have been my day to go riding, but as I was in a hotel, I availed myself of the gym and instead spent an hour on one of the elliptical machines. Foolishly, I figured that since I was cycling for about an hour at a time, I could spend an equal amount of time on this infernal machine.

And so I did. My legs are still paying for it.

Otherwise, things are on a pretty even keel. It’s hot outside, but you probably already knew that. My business trip took me to Dallas, where it was also hot. It’ll be hot today, and hot tomorrow.So think cool thoughts.

The book report: I’ve started the Lovecraft stuff, and it’s pretty good. It’s easy to see how, though he died in near-obscurity, his work became the foundation for the modern horror genre. I resolve to use the word ‘eldritch‘ at least once more in conversation this week. I also received a copy of Edwin Rollin Spencer’s All About Weeds, which is…all about weeds. It runs down the 100 or so most common weeds, their names, uses, personalities, lore and method of dispatch. In parts, it is quite hilarious. To wit:

Creeping Jenny, [Convolvulus arvensis L.]

Creeping Jenny is one of the meanest of weeds. That name aptly describes it. A whispering little hussy that creeps in and spoils everything. The weed needs no other name than this, but it has several others. Its flower resembles that of the morning glory, and so we could expect it to be called Wild morning glory, and small flowered morning glory. It is also called Bindweed, European bindweed, Field bindweed, Hedge bells, Corn-lily, Withwind, Bellbine, Lap-love, Sheep-bine, Corn-bind, Bear-bind, and Green vine.

This book has taught me first, that the weeds in my backyard are common plantains (Plantago major) and that second, my infestation is best solved by plowing everything under and starting over. Fat chance of that, but at least I know what the weed is called. Besides, we’ve seen rabbits out there eating it, so it can’t be all bad. In fact, that website I linked to indicates that they’re human-edible to boot.

We finished up The Swiss Family Robinson last night, and are now trying to decide what to start next for bedtime reading. Further reports as events warrant. Bluebell and Pancho are still working through the Potter series. E has resumed The Keeper of the Bees. Daisy and Tulip are also getting Potter at bedtime, but theirs is mostly filled with rabbits and such. Lefty has fixated on Goodnight Moon. Buttercup gets whatever is served by whoever is holding her. And so it goes.


3 Responses to “Forecast: hot, and clear with a chance of eldritch.”

  1. josephmcbee Says:

    I imagine you have already read them the Chronicles of Narnia series huh? We are working through that one and are now on Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Another great book for kids (and adults too) is Mrs. Frisby and Rats of N.H.I.M. which my boys absolutely loved.

  2. fosco Says:

    We read the Narnia books to the older two a little while back, but it won’t be too much longer before we can start the series again with Daisy and Tulip. I know we have a copy of Mrs. Frisby around someplace – I only just recent saw it laying around (though it might have been a library book). Last night we started the oldest pair on A Wrinkle In Time.

  3. Joseph McBee Says:

    My boys LOVED a Wrinkle in Time. I have to admit that I did too. My wife read that aloud to us one year when we travelled from Georgia to Texas to visit her family. It made the drive much more bearable.

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