The Quest for Pho

August 2, 2007

I was delighted to discover a Vietnamese restaurant, very close to our office, that will very easily satisfy my occasional craving for pho. Right next door was a Honduran place, and at the end of the strip, an Ethiopian joint. All this in a city not exactly known (at least, to my undereducated self) as a hotspot of international activity. In any case, the place was packed and the pho was excellent: nice and spicy. Spring rolls were also pretty good, though the wrapper seemed a bit sticky/chewy. I’ve no idea if this is normal. Salad was the standard lettuce+onions+ginger dressing that seems de rigeur at any Asian place.

I am intrigued by the Ethiopian place and will be doing a bit of reading to see what that’s all about. On the whole, this stretch of road was highly reminiscent of the Buford Highway area of Atlanta – many Latin markets, signs in Arabic, taquerias and the like. And only a short distance from work. Huzzah!


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