The Aquarians and the Evangelicals

August 2, 2007

On the left gathered those who were most alive to the new possibilities created by the unprecedented mass affluence of the postwar years but at the same time were hostile to the social institutions—namely, the market and the middle-class work ethic—that created those possibilities. On the right rallied those who staunchly supported the institutions that created prosperity but who shrank from the social dynamism they were unleashing. One side denounced capitalism but gobbled its fruits; the other cursed the fruits while defending the system that bore them. Both causes were quixotic, and consequently neither fully realized its ambitions. But out of their messy dialectic, the logic of abundance would eventually fashion, if not a reworked consensus, then at least a new modus vivendi.

Reason Magazine via

The novelty of naked partisanship has long since worn off for me. I used to faithfully read the National Review and keep up with all of the red state blogs, but the constant apologetic got a little old. The best I can come up with for a political self-description is “religious-conservative liberal-distributionist-and-possibly-a-libertarian”. Which is really pretty funny, now that I think of it – a good friend of mine is sort of on the other end of the spectrum. To wit: he’s a placenta-eating, drum-beating hippie, and I’m an armed religious nutcase about 2 steps away from establishing a compound. I’m not sure which has prompted more jokes over the last few years: my move to the left or his to the right.


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