Monday recap

July 30, 2007

Friday: homemade macaroni and cheese, followed by Drunken Master. Reactions to the movie: meh. The macaroni and cheese was great.

Saturday: a trip to Costco, that we might spend our refund-check-thingie and stock up on all the things we won’t be buying after our membership expires. I went to the bike shop and begged for deliverance from constant punctures. There is none to be had, so I bought some new tubes and ogled/caressed a $12,000, limited-edition all-composite bicycle that belongs to the store owner. The advice I got on punctures was to ride closer to the line (and not so near the middle of the shoulder). This seems a little counterintuitive – with a nice, wide shoulder you’d sort of want to be as far from the whizzing traffic as possible. Ah, but that’s where all the gravel, glass, nails and staples end up. I was further advised to keep my tires at their maximum pressure and we looked through a catalog of puncture-resistant products that might fit my wheels. We’ll see. For Sunday’s ride, I stayed closer to the line and the road surface did feel quite a bit cleaner. Our movie for this evening was Stranger Than Fiction, which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Sunday: Mass, then lazing around and reading, followed by take out dinner from Jacque Dans La Boîte.

Pancho and Bluebell are tearing through the Harry Potter books – he’s halfway through number 1 and she’s running roughshod over 3. I’m nearly done with Gormenghast and am liking it very much.

Finally, here’s something to clip-and-save: a calendar of produce – what’s in season by month.


4 Responses to “Monday recap”

  1. ezmerelda Says:

    so you didn’t like the macaroni and cheese?

  2. josephmcbee Says:

    Have you ever read the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde? Considering your love of literature, you might find these books VERY entertaining. My wife and I are hooked on them. I have read them all aloud to her and we just started his most recent in the series. His novels are unlike anything you have ever read before, and the more you know about literature, the more you will be able to appreciate them.

  3. fosco Says:

    I have not heard of them, but I’m perusing his site now. They look interesting, to say the least. My last guilty pleasures were the Serge Storm books by Tim Dorsey, for the most part because they’re generally set in parts of Florida I know pretty well. Oh, and they’re completely insane.

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