Farmer’s market, rowing

July 20, 2007

So it’s off to the farmer’s market tomorrow morning, where we hope to score food for our weekend visitors, along with some decent mojo criollo, Thai tea and pan masala, which is an edible melange of seeds and whatnot used as a after-dinner breath freshener at Indian restaurants. I added pan masala to the list because the recent writeup of our farmer’s market included a description of an Indian/Asian store in the midst of it. Sounds like as good a place as any to find it.

If the rain could just sort of pause for a little while, I could get the lawn done this afternoon.

Ah, movies. We still haven’t seen Night at the Museum. Drunken Master (the first one) showed up yesterday, so maybe we’ll get one of them in tonight.

I skipped riding the other day because I’d been up all night working and took only enough time to crash for a few hours before heading into the office. Today was e’s turn to go, but it was raining. I’ll go tomorrow – I’ve increased my route to about 18 miles. It occurred to me recently that I’m not really sure what I’m going to do come winter, so I’ve been giving some thought to a rowing machine. The reviews all seem to agree that the models by concept2 are the top of the heap, but they seem to be a little on the expensive side. I’ve gone through craigslist a few times to see what people are selling, and I might head into the local Play It Again Sports to look around.


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