Permaculture, easy meals

July 18, 2007

Two things which I came across today: permaculture gardening and 101 Simple Meals.

I don’t think they’re much related, save by their focus on simplicity. I’ve had just enough success growing herbs and simple vegetables like tomatoes and beans to want to try the first. Small spaces are apparently not a barrier, which is good, since most of the arable land in the back yard is dedicated to the exercise of small children and the crapping of the dog. Separated a bit from some of the earth-worship rhetoric, permaculture seems like a fairly nifty approach to gardening.

As to the second item, more meal ideas are always welcome, and especially those which are cheap, fast and easy. Moreover, some of these look child friendly.

Shiny spider-eye update: the children loved it, and even ezmerelda emerged from the safety of our house to have a go. A good time was had by all, though I suspect that the spiders themselves were somewhat taken aback by the whole affair.


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