William Kamkwamba’s Malawi Windmill Blog

July 12, 2007

Go and read this blog by a remarkable young man from Malawi.


One of my goals for some time has been to build a more powerful windmill to pump water to irrigate a vegetable garden for my family, and eventually our crops of maize, beans and ground nuts (Americans call them peanuts). Maize (corn) and ground nuts in combination provide the main source of protein for my family and the Malawian dish Nsima, made from maize, is our daily staple. My family has a well we dug in 1992 that we manually draw water from using a rope we made from plastic bags, with a empty can at the end that used to contain cooking oil donated by USAID during a famine last year.


I have never seen a treadmill, but understand that it is a moving belt that people walk or run on in place to get exercise. At its peak power, the treadmill motor puts out 48V DC, but with the winds in my village, it averages about 18V which is sufficient to charge the new deep cycle batteries referred to in an earlier post…


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