July 11, 2007

Six deer, one flock of turkeys, a peacock and a goldfinch. Just managed to beat the rain in, too. It’s been pouring off and on here at the office all day, though it looks to have mostly moved out by now. I spent part of Saturday morning patching the rear tube three times before giving up. In the process of getting the patched tube back onto the rim, I pinched it (hard) with a tire tool, making a bigger hole, which then needed to be patched, &c, &c.

I luckily had a spare tube with a single hole in it, so I dug it out. This I successfully fixed in about five minutes and I’m gratified to say that it still seems to be holding nice and tight. In the process, I got plenty of practice taking the tire on and off the rim. Oh, and I pulled a little staple out of the tire which had been responsible for the original hole(s). Very satisfying, this newfound bit of skill.

I have nothing else pithy to add. We’re anxiously waiting for HP7 to land, but will be forbidden from discussing it openly even when we’ve finished it, since Bluebell has just started number one. Everyone has cut up sheets for cloaks at our house. Things long and pointy have been reclaimed as wands.

No one is safe.

We’re also sort of sifting through the homeschooling requirements for this, our new state of residency. Various websites and services were consulted, but in the end a quick phone call to another Catholic homeschooler in the area set us straight. Things are a bit different here than in Georgia as regards testing requirements and such. State test? ITBS? Both? Neither? Ezmerelda is good to proctor the ITBS, having retained a teaching certificate from a prior state of residency and we administered it last year to our oldest, as a quick check. Turns out there are 3 (or 4) buckets for homeschoolers and they all sort of have their own deal. You can roll your own, but the kids would be required to take a state test in one of the public schools. You can establish a ‘satellite campus’ of a church school, but you might be required to use their curricula and sign a statement of faith. The former is out of the question and the latter can be problematic for Catholics. The third option is to sort of affiliate with one of several academy/organizations, some of which are pretty lax on their membership requirements. We like the third option.

Today is the feat of St. Benedict of Nursia, brother of St. Scholastica and founder of the Western monastic tradition. Read various parts of the Rule of Saint Benedict here, and while you’re at it, order some fudge.


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