Forth on the Fifth

July 5, 2007

Yesterday was about as good as it gets. Thus:

The kids spent most of the day in the inflatable pool and, mirabile dictu, managed to avoid putting any more holes in it. I knocked the lawn out first thing in the morning and we spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around the house and preparing food: an iced down watermelon in the cooler outside, a batch of vanilla ice cream, chocolate-oatmeal cookies and – I tremble as I write this – baked beans with bacon and brown sugar. Burgers went on the grill and everyone ate. At sundown, every third house in our neighborhood sent up gigantic fireworks, so everyone collected on the porch or in the front yard and we spent the evening pointing and ooohing. And then to bed. But for Buttercup’s cold, a good time seems to have been had by all involved.

Now, back at the office. Mid-week holidays bite big one. I rode hard this morning and felt great afterwards but am sort of feeling it now. Saw two deer and a family of turkeys. Apropos of nothing, it occurs to me that “A family of turkeys” might make a good name for a blog. Not this blog, of course.


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