“Route them over Lake Michigan…”

June 30, 2007

Lazy Saturday thus far. I’ve been marginally tethered to the PC because of some over-the-weekend work going on at the office. Nothing too taxing – my end has largely been to respond to e-mail and make sure that the right folks are connecting. In short, I’m a cross between chaperone and plumber. Thus is the world of management.

Bluebell spent the morning tie-dying t-shirts and socks. The others spread throughout the house doing whatever. Pancho cracked The Dangerous Book and tried to make a few of the paper airplanes. We broke about mid-day and finished off the 2nd part of the RoTK movie (which we’d started last night). Even on the small screen, Shelob gives me the big willies. Having capped off the readings and movies, we need to move on from Tolkien for bedtime reading, probably either to The Swiss Family Robinson or Journey to the Center of the Earth. Is it too early for steampunk? Probably not. I need to leaf through some Verne and make sure the language isn’t too far past them.

As for tonight: BLTs…with homemade mayonnaise. Yes. Read that again. Look upon our bread, ye mighty, and despair. Recipe to follow.

Tomorrow: Mass. The mowing of the lawn. Ezmerelda begins posting, perhaps.

Further reports as events warrant. The title, incidentally, is a random line from Airplane! and has no relevance whatsoever to this post.

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