And then there were eight. Grain mills. Will Ferrell.

June 29, 2007

Everyone returned home safe and sound. There was pizza, the unpacking of bags, and the collapsing of exhausted little bodies throughout the house. Bluebell came back from ATL with a half-dozen Nancy Drew books and a sudoku addiction. Everyone else wandered off to resume the serious work of reading and playing. In short, a return to normality.

Apropos of nothing, we are seriously considering buying a grain mill. Buttercup’s godparents (and dear friends of ours) have been grinding their own flour for some time now and have all but convinced us to give us a try. She swears that many allergies in their family have cleared up as a result of ‘graining’, but I think the foodie aspect alone might make it worthwhile. They buy most of their stuff from The Bread Beckers, which is not too far out of our way when we go a-visiting in Atlanta. Speaking of homemade, the local paper carried a recipe for homemade mayonnaise. Another friend o’ mine has done this, and I think we’ll whip some up this weekend and see how it goes.

Silliness is the rule for this evening’s movie: Talladega Nights. We were walking through an electronics store that had the trailer looping on all the televisions, and stood there laughing like idiots, so onto the queue it went.


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