A weekend unlike most others.

June 25, 2007

Midsummer. The Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. The weekend in which we baptize Buttercup, and play host to in-laws, outlaws and the dear friends who served as godparents.

Last night we did a head count and discovered that there were 17 people asleep in our house, 12 of them children ranging from 8 weeks to 13 years old. A perfectly lovely time was had by all. We ate and ate and ate and watched the kids splash around, chase each other and segregate themselves into adorable little pairs and trios.

Highlight moments: the girls’ and boys’ bedroom doors featuring duelling signage. Girls: NO BOYS ALOUD. Boys: DO NOT DESTIRB. The girls’ sign also had a little smiley face sprouting three hairs with the international NO circle and slash. Too funny. The boys, for their part, spent most the weekend engaged in all-out Lego warfare. I saw Batman, Storm Troopers and who knows what else in there. A complete minifig fracas ensued which stretched from the downstairs to the upstairs and back.

Ezmerelda and the rest have flown the coop with her parents, sister and the cousins. They’ve returned to Atlanta to visit for a week, leaving me here, alone. I intend to spend my evenings…er…cleaning and doing laundry. I arranged to have Netflix deliver American Psycho this week. We’ve been on a Christian Bale kick recently, and so I should probably also add Empire of the Sun. I’ll skip Reign of Fire, thanks.

Exciting, no? There are piles of food leftover from the celebrations, and I believe there’s still beer in the fridge, so starvation is probably unlikely.

So. The bike was due for it’s 30-day tuneup and I dragged it back to the local shop for a quick going over and tube replacement. I also cashed in my Father’s Day capital and bought a pair of Shimano cycling shoes and some PD-M520 pedals to go with them. I just got back from a spin around the neighborhood, practicing the soon-to-be-second-nature motions of disconnecting my feet from the pedals and reconnecting them (all without falling over). It’s a little tricky, but not too bad. It does change the ride quite a bit – legs are working all the way around now, and not just on the downward part of the stroke.

Looking forward to the regularly-scheduled ride tomorrow morning when it’s not quite so warm. Otherwise my evenings will consist of whittling down a (short) honey-do list.

Books: Taming of the Shrew has stalled out a little – no time of late, though I’ll probably pick it back up tonight. A little progress in The Faerie Queen. Magazines and whatnot have been piling up for this week especially. We wrapped up The Return of the King the other night, so we’ll tee up the movie for next weekend when all the kids get back.Updated for some egregious grammatical issues.


One Response to “A weekend unlike most others.”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend!

    Every year my family makes a pilgrimage to Dallas, TX to visit my wife’s parents for about 14 days. I spend my time much as you do, reading, watching movies, working around the house. I don;t ride a bike, but take long walks and eat dinner with friends. I love it… for about a week. After that I am VERY ready to have my family home!

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