Longest Day

June 21, 2007

While, like a matron, who has long since done
With the gay scenes of life, whose children all
Have sunk before her on the lap of earth—
Upon whose mild expressive face the sun
Has left a smile that tells of former joys—
Grey Eve glides on in pensive silence musing.
As the mind triumphs o’er the sinking frame,
So as her form decays, her starry beams
Shed brightening lustre, till on night’s still bosom
Serene she sinks, and breathes her peaceful last,
While on the rising breeze sad melodies,
Sweet as the notes that soothe the dying pillow,
When angel-music calls the saint to heaven,
Come genly floating: ’tis the requiem
Chaunted by Philomel for day departed.

From the June 21 entry of Hone’s Every-Day Book. Complete text.

Happy Summer Solstice. This is the longest day of the year north of the equator, and depending on how you’re reckoning, the first day of summer (astronomically) or midsummer (historically). Anyway, go out and make use of all the daylight. I myself may cut the grass today, now that it’s managed to grow a little since the last rain.


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