June 15, 2007

At last. This is my day to ride, but since we have company coming in from out of town, I went early this morning. Cool and a little on the humid side – at that hour (5:20), the dew point and temperature were the same which means 100% relative humidity. Surprised some deer and saw a few rabbits. I need to get the bike into the shop this weekend for a quick adjustment, and it’s probably time to increase the distance by a few miles – the current loop is about 14.6 miles, and my goal is 20-25 at a time.

Schlepped in to the office, where things are pretty quiet. Most of the rest of the management team is at an offsite (*cough*) meeting which I had to bow out of, so I’ll probably clear out around noon.

Picked up some locally brewed beer for the weekend and will do my best to remain relaxed. Like the rest of the region, we’re in the midst of a drought, so the grass hasn’t grown a whole lot since last weekend.

Not much Shakespeare headway. Still in the first acts of Taming of the Shrew, and I’ve been reading random selections from Spenser’s Amoretti. Speaking of Spenser, here’s Summer, as portrayed in “The Mutabilitie Cantos”:

Then came the iolly Sommer, being dight
In a thin silken cassock coloured greene,
That was vnlyned all, to be more light:
And on his head a girlond well beseene
He wore, from which as he had chauffed been
The sweat did drop; and in his hand he bore
A boawe and shaftes, as he in forrest greene
Had hunted late the Libbard or the Bore,
And now would bathe his limbes, with labor heated sore.

Heated sore indeed. Midsummer is next week, so the days will start getting shorter (already?!?) on the 21st. Maybe we’ll get some rain.


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