Biking and wildlife

June 13, 2007

We live at the edge of our particular town, and our riding loops take us out into some nice, rural areas. Wildlife sightings are quite common. Last night Ezmerelda saw a fawn and its mother. I’d been keeping my eyes peeled for deer, but hadn’t spotted any so far. My last ride saw the usual assortment of birds and rabbits, though I did manage to surprise a garter snake that was laying on the shoulder by the roadside. I jerked the wheel to keep from running it over and it struck/leapt into the weeds at the same time. I also keep an eye out for birds: goldfinches, bluebirds, swifts, turkeys, red-winged blackbirds and a new one that I’ve yet to look up: medium sized, charcoal dark on top, pale underneath, with a thin light stripe across the end of the tail feathers.


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