In which I write further on the cleaning of rooms, &c.

June 8, 2007

NIce and easy day so far, and the afternoon will be blown wide open by a co-worker’s baby-shower. I only had one day’s notice, but was nevertheless able to locate a local distributor of Maya Wraps, so we got one for the parents-to-be.

As mentioned previously: planting/weeding/mowing tomorrow, and maybe I’ll get a chance to make some progress in the magazines that have been piling up: Scientific American, The Atlantic and Touchstone. Then there are the aforementioned movies for apres-bedtime.

Other tips for getting kids to clean up their stuff: turn it into a game. Assuming you’ve solved the TMS syndrome described below, the remaining stuff should come up relatively quickly. Leveraging the I Spy books, I’ve gotten Daisy and Tulip to pick up toys simply by standing in the middle of the room and announcing “I spy…something purple, hiding under something white”. The mad dash begins until the thing(s) are identified, hoisted triumphantly and then stowed away.

When the novely wears off, as it always does, I switch to “hot and cold”. I won’t tell either of them what it is I want them to pick up – only if they’re hot or cold. This adds an element of surprise to the otherwise boring task of picking up our tattered copy of

I also have an iTunes playlist of fast-paced, clean, fun tracks called “Cleanup Music”: disco, the William Tell Overture, the Numa Numa song, and so forth. I keep the music on only as long as they’re cleaning up, then for a few minutes afterwards so the whole lot of them can dance, wheel around, and carom off the furniture like a bunch of drunken squirrels. Besides, I think it’s quite cute to hear our two oldest kids sing along to Toto’s “Africa” – and get all the words right.

Bike: reading a little on hand numbness – a shift of position every 10 minutes or so ought to fix it. I’m also considering some bar ends, just to have something else to grab. They seem inexpensive enough, and they look nifty anyway. Also, I may monkey around with my seat height. It feels comfortable enough, but all the literature indicates that it might be a bit low, and I’d really like to avoid damaging knees, especially since I took this up in order to refrain from trashing my ankle any further.

Update: Radio Free Colorado on Shoutcast is blowing my mind: “Couldn’t Get It Right” by Climax Blues Band? Fantastical!


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