Thursday update

June 7, 2007

You know what’s cool about being Catholic? Things like this: the patron saint of cyclists. Pray for me, Madonna del Ghisallo, that I might be guided clear of the low shoulders and nutty drivers. Tonight is my evening to ride: 14 miles again! Woo-hoo!

Up to Act III in The Comedy of Errors. So far I’m relating most closely to the Dromios, who get it coming and going. Pollo Borracho last night for dinner. I’ve argued with a relative of mine about this dish – he insists that it’s a Cuban variation on beer-can chicken, where you stand the bird on end with a can of beer inside. The one we make is one of the ten-thousand peasant varieties of chicken-cooked-in-liquor. In our case, this is a half-cup each of white wine and light rum. Quite tasty, and with a side of black beans and rice, you’re in serious business.

Movies for this weekend: Kung Fu Hustle and The Lady In The Water. My brother, whose advice in these matters is bulletproof, warns me that Kung Fu Hustle will blow me away. I expect it will.

Other activities planned for the weekend: tear up a sizable weedy patch in the middle of the patio and replace it with a small herb garden. Clear out some of the other landscape areas. Cut the grass. Etc. The sundial bug is starting to bite again. Why is that, I wonder? Probably because the Solstice is coming up, and these sorts of things get me to thinking about the heavens and their motions. It doesn’t hurt that it’s been plenty sunny around here lately.

Speaking of, the older kids are studying space these days, so we dusted off the telescope last night and everyone got to look at Venus, shiny and bright. The fireflies were also out in full force. Quite the pleasant early-summer evening, made more so by the fact that we weren’t being ambushed by mosquitoes. This would not have been the case at the old place.


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