May 31, 2007

Tomorrow I’m taking the day off. Cheers!

To deal with drivers license and vehicle registration. Jeers!

So this is sort of my Friday. So I say again, meh.

Weather permitting, we may head to the local botanical gardens on Saturday. We were members of the one in our last city and it was a favorite destination for the chillun, especially on hot days – the children’s garden there featured some very nice water-play fountains and whatnot near the entrance.

43:31 last night. A slight improvement, and I’m probably going to give it a rest tonight. I’m tired today. Last night, the baby slept pretty well but the stupid weather alert radio went off at 1AM. I’d been fiddling with the thing for weeks. It’s been indicating a failure to receive the regular weekly test alarms sent by the NWS, which unfortunately means that it was alert properly in the case of an actual emergency.

So I futzed around with it one more time, and lo, it got the Wednesday test signal. Huzzah! Then a Child Abduction alert went out in the middle of the night, sending me on a mad dash to the kitchen (where the radio hangs on the side of the kitchen cabinet) to silence the alarm and see what was going on. I will probably silence these – I pay close attention to the highway signs when an Amber Alert goes off, and generally try to keep my eyes peeled for the vehicle and tag described. Not really sure how helpful I can be in the middle of the night. I looked around on some websites today, but can’t find any child alerts more recent than 2 days ago.

It’s good to know that the radio is working as advertised, especially since we’re a little deeper into tornado country than we were before. If you don’t have one, get one. Kroger was selling Midland radios for as little as $30. If you can, get a radio equipped with SAME alerting – this way you only get alerts for your particular county.


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