May 29, 2007

Bleah. Back in the office after a three-day weekend. The only thing that makes it tolerable is that this is a short week. This will be a bit random.

Friday’s salmon turned out great, and I figure we’ve got a few more go-rounds on the planks before the bottoms are too charred for use. Indirect heat or not, they tend to get a bit blackened down there. We spent most of Saturday outside – washing cars or watching the kids play with a water-cannon-thingie that’s mounted on the play fort out back. Saturday night was pizza – there’s a wonderful take-and-bake just up the road from house, and they have a stuffed pizza that’s to die for. Easily some of the best I’ve ever had. We got the very last of the last boxes unpacked and put away, freeing up the soon-to-be guest room for our soon-to-be guests. When it’s not hosting guests, the room doubles as the un-official movie room.

The new house, incidentally, has hardwood floors throughout the downstairs. These are something new for us – our last place was mostly carpeted, and not just carpeted – we opted for olefin carpet, which can be cleaned with all manner of toxic agents such as bleach and acetone. We splurged last year for a really good vacuum cleaner, and figured that we kept things pretty clean.

The new floors have revealed otherwise, because now we can see it all. Every. Single. Particle. Crumb. Grass. And so on. So our daily rituals now include a quick dustmop race around the kitchen and dining area.  Good heavens, were the old floors full of this much stuff? They must have been. We haven’t suddenly become markedly filthier. Have we? Doesn’t feel like it. The floors are nice, though. Easy to clean, and they’re in pretty good shape for the age of the house. The ‘easy-to-clean’ part is important, because when someone, oh, say, drops a cup of milk onto a hard floor, the splash and splatter spreads out in a radius of many many feet. Time to add a cuban mop to the arsenal.

Monday we went to the greenway, a series of trails for biking/walking that wind through the town. Bluebell and Pancho rode their skates and scooters. The others were either slung or pushed in strollers. Quite the traveling circus, but the weather was nice and a good time was had by all. I got in a few good rides over the weekend, and discovered this nifty site  for planning routes.

Apropos of nothing, why did it take us until the sixth child to try gripewater? I’d heard about it from an Indian co-worker of mine awhile back, but it seemed a bit pricey and none of the kids were every all that colicky (well, one was, but that was before we’d heard of the stuff). Buttercup has been going through some fussy spells and it really does seem to help.

I spent the rest of the weekend putzing around on, filling in a few gaps in the ol’ family tree and discovering a mass of relatives we never knew about. Turns out that one or two prolific ancestors ended up expanding the tree by several orders of magnitude. I wonder if our legacy will be similar. I imagine it will be.

Books: Still trying to finish Unfinished Tales and wondering if the story of The Children of Hurin will make the leap to the screen. I think it probably could, though some of the themes might be a bit tricky to pull off. I won’t elaborate, since they form an integral part of the story. If you know the plot,  you know what I’m talking about. No spoiling it here, though.

Movies: We enjoyed Key Largo. I guess it’s a tribute to the actors that you wonder how much acting they were really doing. Especially Edward G. Robinson, who apparently was absolutely nothing like the gangster-types he frequently played onscreen.


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