Thursday ride

May 25, 2007

Last night did 10 miles in 44 minutes. I know that’s not very far, and it’s probably not very fast. I’ve now got a baseline, though and two areas to stretch for. A pair of proper cycling shorts is probably in my future. I’m discovering that they’re made the way they are for very particular reasons.

Not too many plans for the upcoming holiday weekend. We fired up our Netflix subscription again and have Key Largo and Sense and Sensibility. The two older kids will get to see The Two Towers, having finished that book a week or so ago. Most major projects are over for now, though there are still a few boxes left in the guest room that we need to unpack or hide.

The kids met their new piano teacher yesterday and all seemed to go pretty well. Pancho was a little less than thrilled to start when it was his turn, but he warmed up after a little while and later told us that he liked the lesson just fine.

So nothing big on the radar screen but some good movies, mowing the grass and generally just hanging around. We’re going to do some cedar-plank salmon tonight on the grill. Hooray! I think we’ve already grilled more in the last month than we did all last summer. Sad but true.


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